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Tag: NodeJS

  • Karma: Managing Plugin Versions in package.json

    PROBLEM Let’s assume our package.json looks like this:- What we want to do is to update all the plugin versions defined in this file. SOLUTION After trying out several solutions, it appears that using npm-check-updates is a better and cleaner solution for discovering newer versions of these plugins. First, we need to install npm-check-updates globally. […]

  • Jenkins: Getting Karma Generated Test Results to Appear in Maven Project Job

    PROBLEM Jenkins, for some reason, does not pick up Karma generated JUnit test reports even though they are created in the right directory… and apparently, it is a known problem. While Freestyle project job allows us to manually publish these JUnit reports, my intention is to rely on Maven project job to do the same […]

  • Karma: Getting Started

    Overview This tutorial walks through the steps need to configure Karma to work with a Maven web project. It will also be used as a base for my future Karma related posts. Install Node.js First, download Node.js from and install it. Once installed, we should be able to invoke npm command from the command […]