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Category: Development Tools

  • WordPress: Creating Gutenberg-Block Compatible Posts Using Rest API

    This article shows how you can dynamically create new WordPress posts using REST API that is compatible with Gutenberg blocks. When done correctly, there is no need to manually convert the content from Classic Editor to Gutenberg Block Editor, or fix incorrectly converted blocks. This is a big time saver when you plan to create […]

  • GitHub: Key is Already in Use

    PROBLEM When trying to add a SSH key in GitHub, an error “Key is already in use” is thrown even though you signed into GitHub using a different user account. SOLUTION The error occurs when the same SSH key has been added to a different account. This typically happens when you already have an existing […]

  • GCSFuse + Docker: “Error while creating mount source path ‘/a’: mkdir /a: file exists.”

    This post illustrates how you can mount a GCS bucket using GCSFuse on your host machine and expose it as a volume to a Docker container. PROBLEM You want to volume mount a FUSE-mounted directory to a container, for example: When attempting to run the container… … an error occurred: SOLUTION Unmount the existing FUSE-mounted […]

  • GCP: Pushing Codebase from IntelliJ IDEA to VM Instance

    OBJECTIVE To push codebase from IntelliJ IDEA (or any JetBrains products) on a local machine to a VM instance in Google Cloud Platform. To run the codebase remotely. WHY DO THIS You want to leverage all the power of a modern IDE on your 4K screen. You do not want to use remote desktop tools […]

  • GCP + Container Registry: Pushing/Pulling Images

    PROBLEM You want to push a new image to Google Container Registry (GCR) or pull an existing image from GCR. SOLUTION Pushing a New Image to GCR Prepare your Dockerfile. Create an image and tag it with a path pointing to GCR within a project. There are several variations of GCR’s hostname (ex: gcr.io, us.gcr.io, […]

  • Ansible: Handling Multiple Hosts via SSH

    PROBLEM To run Ansible playbook in multiple hosts via SSH. SOLUTION Configuring SSH environment Ensure SSH keypair exists on the current machine (ex: ~/.ssh/id_rsa for private key and ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub for public key). If you do not have one, create one: Copy the public key (ex: ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub) to each remote host’s ~/.ssh/authorized_keys. If this file doesn’t […]