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  • Java + HTTPS: Unable to Find Valid Certification Path to Requested Target

    PROBLEM When invoking a HTTPS URL from Java, for example… …the following exception is thrown… SOLUTION 1: Disable SSL Validation – NOT RECOMMENDED One way is to simply disable the SSL validation by configuring SSLContext to trust all X.509 certificates before invoking the intended HTTPS URL. Unless you are writing test cases or implementing non-production […]


    PROBLEM When accessing HTTPS links from a local application server, the modern browser throws the following error message(s):- SOLUTIONS There are multiple solutions to this problem. SOLUTION 1: Disable browser check One way is to completely disable this check on the browser. For example, in Firefox, go to about:config and set security.ssl3.dhe_rsa_aes_128_sha and security.ssl3.dhe_rsa_aes_256_sha to […]

  • HTML: Creating a Default Placeholder for Image that Fails to Load

    PROBLEM Let’s assume our web application relies on an external system to provide the image link, for example: employee photo link of a company. If the image link is invalid, we will get the ugly looking “x” on certain browsers. SOLUTION To fix this, we can load an image placeholder from our own web application […]