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  • PHP + Composer: The Process “php -S -t public index.php” Exceeded the Timeout of 300 Seconds

    PROBLEM Given the following composer.json… When running composer start… The PHP built-in web server stops with the following error message… SOLUTION There are several ways to extend the timeout value, but here is one way to do it through composer.json. To extend the timeout value from 300 seconds to 2000 seconds, add the following config […]

  • Slim: Class ‘X’ Not Found

    PROBLEM Let’s assume we have the following project structure with src/model/Person.php created… … and the class may look something like this… … and it is being used in other file… When hitting the given route from the browser, we get the following error:- SOLUTION #1: Using import/require One way to solve this is to use […]