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  • Maven: Bundling and Unpacking Native Libraries

    Introduction Steps to bundle the native libraries to be pushed to Nexus, and to unpack the native libraries on mvn package. Bundling Native Libraries into a JAR File Let’s assume we have the following native libraries for multiple platforms:- Create a jar that contains these native libraries. The -C options prevents the native folder from […]

  • Maven: Deploying Java Sources to Nexus

    By default, mvn deploy will only package and deploy class JAR to Nexus. To deploy the source code too, we need to add the following plugin into pom.xml:- Now, mvn deploy will deploy both class JAR and source code JAR to Nexus:- In IntelliJ, when jumping into a class from the JAR, we are given […]

  • Maven: Enabling Snapshot Downloads

    By default, Maven does not allow us to download snapshots. To enable this feature so that we can download snapshots from Nexus, add the following configuration to [USER.HOME]/.m2/settings.xml:- Replace http://snapshots with the actual snapshot link.