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Tag: SSH

  • GitHub: Key is Already in Use

    PROBLEM When trying to add a SSH key in GitHub, an error “Key is already in use” is thrown even though you signed into GitHub using a different user account. SOLUTION The error occurs when the same SSH key has been added to a different account. This typically happens when you already have an existing […]

  • GCP: Pushing Codebase from IntelliJ IDEA to VM Instance

    OBJECTIVE To push codebase from IntelliJ IDEA (or any JetBrains products) on a local machine to a VM instance in Google Cloud Platform. To run the codebase remotely. WHY DO THIS You want to leverage all the power of a modern IDE on your 4K screen. You do not want to use remote desktop tools […]

  • Ansible: Handling Multiple Hosts via SSH

    PROBLEM To run Ansible playbook in multiple hosts via SSH. SOLUTION Configuring SSH environment Ensure SSH keypair exists on the current machine (ex: ~/.ssh/id_rsa for private key and ~/.ssh/ for public key). If you do not have one, create one: Copy the public key (ex: ~/.ssh/ to each remote host’s ~/.ssh/authorized_keys. If this file doesn’t […]