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Tag: ES6

  • React + Recompose: Calling Multiple HOC Wrappers

    PROBLEM Sometimes, wrapping a React component with multiple High Order Components (HOC) can get rather unwieldy and unreadable. For example:- SOLUTION To fix this, we can leverage recompose library. Now, we can rewrite the above example like this:- Keep in mind, the HOC order defined in compose(..) is important.

  • ES6 + Mocha + Sinon: Mocking Imported Dependency

    PROBLEM Let’s assume we have the following 2 files:- apis.js service.js Let’s assume we want to test the logic in service.js without using nock to mock the HTTP call in apis.js. While proxyquireify allows us to mock out the apis.js dependency in service.js, sometimes it is a little more complicated than needed. SOLUTION A simpler […]