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  • MockMvc : Circular view path [view]: would dispatch back to the current handler URL [/view] again

    PROBLEM Let’s assume we want to test this controller:- Here’s the test file:- When executing this test, we get the following error:- SOLUTION The reason this is happening is because the uri “/help” matches the returned view name “help” and we didn’t set a ViewResolver when constructing the standalone MockMvc. Since MockMvcBuilders.standaloneSetup(…) doesn’t load Spring […]

  • MockMvc + Mockito = Epic Tests

    Spring Framework 3.2 introduces a very elegant way to test Spring MVC controller using MockMvc. Based on the documentation, there are two ways to configure MockMvc:- The first approach will automatically load the Spring configuration and inject WebApplicationContext into the test. The second approach does not load the Spring configuration. While both options work, my […]

  • How to Unit Test Spring MVC Controller

    SCENARIO Let’s assume we have the following controller that needs to be tested:- SOLUTION 1: “Works but It Won’t Get You the Promotion” This working solution relies on:- While this solution works, but it has a few problems. This test case strictly tests the actual controller API, but it completely disregards the URI and request […]