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Tag: Github

  • GitHub: Key is Already in Use

    PROBLEM When trying to add a SSH key in GitHub, an error “Key is already in use” is thrown even though you signed into GitHub using a different user account. SOLUTION The error occurs when the same SSH key has been added to a different account. This typically happens when you already have an existing […]

  • JaCoCo Web Report Not Rendering Properly in GitHub Pages

    PROBLEM When pushing JaCoCo web report to GitHub’s gh-pages branch, it does not render properly on the web. For example:- The GitHub pages are powered by Jekyll. By default, Jekyll does not allow directories or files that begin with a dot, pound sign, tilde or underscore. Since JaCoCo places all the image and CSS files […]

  • Maven: Deploying Generated Site to GitHub

    INTRO GitHub provides an incredible feature that allows us to easily push Maven generated site to our project’s GitHub repository. Here’s how to do it… STEP 1: Define GitHub credential Go to ~/.m2/settings.xml and add your GitHub username and password:- STEP 2: Define GitHub’s site-maven-plugin GitHub provides its own site-maven-plugin that can be used to […]