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Tag: Cypher Query Language

  • Neo4j: WHERE Clause vs Curly Braces in MATCH Clause

    PROBLEM With Cypher Query Language, you can write similar queries that yield the same result. For example:- … AND … … returns the same result. So, which one is better in terms of performance? SOLUTION Neo4j provides a very helpful command called EXPLAIN that allows us to do some investigation ourselves. The EXPLAIN command displays […]

  • Neo4j: Playing with Cypher Query Language

    PROBLEM Every week, my shitty coworkers struggle to reach consensus on where to go for lunches and what beverages to order in the morning. SOLUTION To further understand the phenomenon of this first world problem, here’s a shitty graph database powered by Neo4j to visualize the love/hate relationship between my shitty coworkers and the shitty […]