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Mac: Managing Startup/Shutdown Schedules on macOS Ventura




Since upgrading to macOS Ventura, managing custom startup/shutdown schedules directly from the GUI (via Energy Saver) is no longer possible.


While this feature is not accessible from the GUI anymore, it can still be accomplished using pmset command.

To list all the existing schedules:

pmset -g sched

By default, it is empty.

To schedule a daily shutdown at 11 PM:

sudo pmset repeat shutdown MTWRFSU 23:00:00

While you can achieve a similar outcome by creating a cron job with shutdown -h now, you can pull off various power management actions using pmset, such as shutting down the machine when the UPS emergency is reached or control when the disk/screen should wake up or sleep.

To configure the machine to shut down at 11 PM daily and power on at 1 AM Sunday:

sudo pmset repeat shutdown MTWRFSU 23:00:00 wakeorpoweron S 1:00:00

To show the new schedules:

> pmset -g sched                                                                                                
Repeating power events:
  wakepoweron at 1:00AM Saturday
  shutdown at 11:00PM every day

If you are as forgetful as me, the above command ensures the machine doesn’t run constantly, and it wakes up at 1 AM every Sunday to perform the Time Machine backup to another server.

To learn more, view pmset manual.


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