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Category: Server

  • MS SQL Server + Hibernate 5: Incorrect syntax near ‘@P0’

    PROBLEM When upgrading to Hibernate 5, the following exception is thrown:- SOLUTION Change the MS SQL Server dialect from this… … to this …

  • Synology NAS: Running CrashPlan in Docker Container

    BACKGROUND The reason to run CrashPlan in Docker container is to prevent any future Synology’s DSM updates from breaking the CrashPlan app. Let’s assume the Synology NAS IP address is STEPS Diskstation Manager Log into Diskstation Manager: Install Docker. Mac SSH into Synology NAS. Install CrashPlan Docker container. Run CrashPlan Docker container. In […]

  • UnboundID: The entry contains attribute ‘XXXX’ which is not defined in the schema

    PROBLEM Let’s assume we have the following LDIF file containing custom attribute(s), such as managedBy:- When running the code on UnboundID’s In-Memory Directory Server, the following exception is thrown:- SOLUTION The problem is caused by the fact that the default schema does not match Microsoft’s Active Directory schema. Hence, attribute(s), such as managedBy, would cause […]

  • Maven: Bundling and Unpacking Native Libraries

    Introduction Steps to bundle the native libraries to be pushed to Nexus, and to unpack the native libraries on mvn package. Bundling Native Libraries into a JAR File Let’s assume we have the following native libraries for multiple platforms:- Create a jar that contains these native libraries. The -C options prevents the native folder from […]

  • Neo4j: Playing with Cypher Query Language

    PROBLEM Every week, my shitty coworkers struggle to reach consensus on where to go for lunches and what beverages to order in the morning. SOLUTION To further understand the phenomenon of this first world problem, here’s a shitty graph database powered by Neo4j to visualize the love/hate relationship between my shitty coworkers and the shitty […]

  • Jenkins: Getting Karma Generated Test Results to Appear in Maven Project Job

    PROBLEM Jenkins, for some reason, does not pick up Karma generated JUnit test reports even though they are created in the right directory… and apparently, it is a known problem. While Freestyle project job allows us to manually publish these JUnit reports, my intention is to rely on Maven project job to do the same […]