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GCP + Container Registry: Pushing/Pulling Images





You want to push a new image to Google Container Registry (GCR) or pull an existing image from GCR.


Pushing a New Image to GCR

Prepare your Dockerfile.

FROM alpine:3.7

# some content...

Create an image and tag it with a path pointing to GCR within a project.

There are several variations of GCR’s hostname (ex: gcr.io, us.gcr.io, eu.gcr.io, etc) depending on the data center’s location.

The GCR path has the following format: [HOSTNAME]/[PROJECT-ID]/[IMAGE].

docker build -t gcr.io/shitty-project/shitty-repo .

Log into GCP.

gcloud auth login

Register gcloud as a Docker credential helper.

gcloud auth configure-docker

Push the image to GCR.

docker push gcr.io/shitty-project/shitty-repo

View pushed image.

gcloud container images list-tags gcr.io/shitty-project/shitty-repo

78b36c0b456d  latest  2019-03-07T16:19:53

The repository and image can also be viewed in GCP Console.

Image in GCR

Pulling an Existing Image from GCR

Proceed with the authentication process if it is not done already.

gcloud auth login
gcloud auth configure-docker

Pull the image from GCR.

docker pull gcr.io/shitty-project/shitty-repo


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