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Category: Operating System

  • Synology NAS: Running CrashPlan in Docker Container

    BACKGROUND The reason to run CrashPlan in Docker container is to prevent any future Synology’s DSM updates from breaking the CrashPlan app. Let’s assume the Synology NAS IP address is STEPS Diskstation Manager Log into Diskstation Manager: Install Docker. Mac SSH into Synology NAS. Install CrashPlan Docker container. Run CrashPlan Docker container. In […]

  • Git + Linux: (gnome-ssh-askpass:24871): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:

    PROBLEM When running git clone on Linux, the following error appears:- SOLUTION To fix this, run the following command to disable gnome-ssh-askpass:- Now, git clone will work just fine:- To prevent this from happening again, add unset SSH_ASKPASS command to .bashrc file.

  • Windows 10 Was NOT My Idea, But It Was Free

    So, I decided to make use of the complimentary upgrade from my current Windows 7 running on VirtualBox to Windows 10. Not exactly the smoothest process, but I got it working after 5 days. I’m listing all the problems I encountered and the solutions I applied to get my free toy that I rarely use. […]

  • OS X + Sed: “extra characters at the end of l command” Error

    PROBLEM When executing the following command on OS X… … the following error occurs:- SOLUTION Unlike Ubuntu, OS X requires the extension to be explicitly specified. The workaround is to set an empty string:- … and now, Megatron has transformed into a pony.

  • Mac OS X: Setting Default Java Version

    Let’s assume we have installed JDK 7 or JDK 8, and we want to set the default Java version. There are several ways to set default Java version. This is by far the easiest way without the need to look for the installed path or mess around with symlinks. First, let’s make sure we are […]

  • Linux: Locating Java Home Directory

    If you have multiple versions of Java installed, you can run which command to determine the full path of the command. To quickly navigate to Java’s home directory, you can do something like this:-